Power Flushing Radiators
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Power Flushing Radiators

Published on: 14:40 11th September 2013

Power flushing is a term referring to a process whereby low pressure water is flushed through a radiator in order to clean it out. The water is sent through at low pressure to ensure that no damage is done to the radiators that you are intending on cleaning out. It is an excellent way to remove things like lime scale deposits from inside your radiators which can build up over time and cause damage t your heating system.

Radiator flushingPower flushing your radiators can also stop strange noises from coming from them, and can assist with healthy circulation of water through your central heating system. It also prevents rust from forming inside your radiators and heating system, and all of these things can help to increase the efficiency of your heating system. Although power flushing your radiators is achievable by yourself, it is best left to professional plumbers or power flushing professionals as they have the equipment that is required to do the job safely.

So how is power flushing done? Most professional power flushing companies will power flush your entire central heating system at once for convenience and ease. They will have a power flushing system which can be set up outside your property and attached to the central heating system and boiler in your home. They will then flush water at high velocity through your central heating system with cleaning products in it, which will help to loosen grime, dirt and scale from inside the system. The entire system will be flushed out over and over again until the water runs clean.

If you want to do it yourself, you can hire the equipment and buy the chemicals to do it yourself, however this is not advisable as without the specialist knowledge required, you could end up damaging your system and needing expensive plumbing repairs. The most simple and effective way is to get plumbers or specialists in to do the power flushing for you.

Having your radiators and heating system power flushed can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your heating, meaning that you will benefit from a much warmer home, which is good news in the winter! It may also help to cure the issue of luke warm water in your home and may result in higher water temperatures. Finally, it can reduce your gas bills by up to 20% meaning that you will be saving the environment and will have more money to spend on other things, so as you can see there are plenty of benefits.

Something that you should ask about when getting quotes from power flushing experts is whether they will be adding corrosion inhibitors to the water that they will be flushing through your system too, as this can help to prevent the need for power flushing too regularly, making your central heating system lower maintenance.

Whoever you employ to do the power flushing of your central heating system, ensure that they are Gas Safe registered as this will ensure that they can legally work with the gas plumbing in your home and will give you the peace of mind that the work is being done safely and without risk.

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